Watson Industries gyros and inertial sensors can be used in a wide variety of applications. Here at Watson, we have the experience and the skilled personnel needed to support your project. We are also willing to work with you on a new application. Watson Industries prides itself on being able to support either low or high volume products. If you would like to talk to one of our engineers about your application, Email or call us at +1 (715) 839-0628.


aerobatic aircraftOur precision gyros are durable and accurate enough for some of the most demanding aerospace applications. Watson sensor packages have uses in airborne spectral surveying to driving an aerobatic aircraft EFIS display.

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stabilized cameraWatson Industries gyros are durable under shock and vibration but still retain their accuracy, which is important for land applications. We have provided gyro sensors for a wide range of applications from vehicle crash testing to sports medicine and nuclear power plant inspections.

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Submersible ROVWatson sensors work well in marine environments. Some of our applications include deep sea cable laying trenchers to stabilization of satellite tracking antennas. We can even customize units for pressure vessels.

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