December Newsletter

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December is here! All our leaves have fallen and we have enjoyed a great Thanksgiving. We are now looking forward to Christmas and that first wonderful snowfall. Watson Industries is looking forward to introducing some new products. Miniaturizing our ADS sensor a few months ago was the first step in a major effort to save you a lot of space! We have set our sights on the DMS product line next. Take a few minutes to contact our Engineering staff at 715-839-0628 to discuss your requirements. We can design a sensor to meet your specific application needs.

Tip of the Month

Want to know more about how the technology in Watson sensors works? Our website has several reports on installation and use of our products and information on many of Watson Industries patents, papers and presentations on gyro technology over the years. The link to that web page is here.

Featured Product

Good news! During the month of December, we are offering a 10% discount on purchases of our Strapdown Heading Reference products. Email or call us today and mention this offer to take advantage of the reduced price!

Strapdown Heading
Reference System

The SHR-S360 provides heading and sensor information. It includes our high accuracy triaxial fluxgate magnetometer, a triaxial accelerometer, and a rate gyro. This unit is a “strap-down” or “body-axis” sensor. The sensitive axes of the SHR will stay at a constant relationship with the vehicle and move as the vehicle moves. Since the fluxgate sensors rotate with the unit, it must use its angle sensors to calculate the rotation back to level. This function is similar to a mechanical gimbal except that the rotations are done using software. The SHR-S360 has several advantages over using a traditional gimbal including: no bearings to wear out, no fluid to leak and high shock survivability.

The SHR-S360 is gyro-stabilized. This means that the SHR will provide better performance in dynamic applications. The internal gyro allows the SHR to respond to short-term movements while the fluxgate provides the long-term heading reference. This combination of sensors allows for accurate data in a wider range of applications than an SHR without gyro-stabilization.

The Watson Industries “strap-down” solution provides a better magnetic heading than other magnetic heading products using mechanical gimbals.
A significant problem with mechanically gimbaled compasses becomes apparent when trying to calibrate the heading sensor in the field. With a strap-down system, the magnetometers are fixed with respect to the vehicle in which it is mounted; Therefore, the constant soft and hard iron field distortions can be fully calibrated out.

SHR-S360 Features:

  • Solid State, Strap Down System
  • Low Cost, Low Power
  • Rugged, High Reliability
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Triaxial Fluxgate Magnetometer
  • RS-232 Serial Data Outputs
  • Analog Data Outputs
  • PC Heading Calibration
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Engineering Support

Feel free to call with any application needs or questions. We look forward to working together to help design and manufacture a sensor that meets your specifications.


The SHR-S360 is useful for land, sea, and aerospace applications. Some of the many applications for this sensor include:

  • Land
    • Compass Systems
    • Unmanned Vehicles
    • Heading Reference
  • Ocean
    • Unmanned Vehicles
    • Heading Reference
  • Aerospace
    • Cable Laying
    • Buoy / Current Monitoring
    • ROV Control / Display
    • Unmanned Vehicles
    • Heading Reference

Here are two applications for our SHR-S360 sensors. Our website provides suggested sensors for more of our aerospace, land and ocean

Target Drone Compass System

Target drones require a navigation system that will provide accurate heading information to the remote pilot. A low cost, accurate and reusable magnetometer solution is needed to supply data to the digital compass system that supplements the other attitude sensors in the aircraft.

Any electronic sensor package used in a target drone needs to be small in size because space in the airframe is at a premium. The device also needs to be lightweight since drones are not designed to carry much excess payload. Low power consumption is an ideal characteristic for an airborne electronic device as well.Watson Industries developed the FGM-301/99 to meet the MIS40175 U.S. Army Missile Command specifications. It provides an accurate triaxial magnetometer output while maintaining its low price.


Buoy and Current Monitoring

When a scientific data monitoring sensor is placed into a buoy, a reliable device that can remain in the field for many months at time is needed.Selecting a sensor for a buoy or current monitoring package can be a difficult task. This is especially true when the device is to be used at high magnetic latitudes near the north pole.

Watson Industries manufactures the SHR series of strapdown heading reference sensors that are well suited for this application. The SHR-360 provides the accurate heading data that is needed for current monitoring. Additionally, the SHR can output bank, elevation, X, Y and Z acceleration and X, Y and Z magnetometer data if requested.


Our SHR-S360 sensors are ideal for these applications and many others. They have provided accurate data and reliable performance for customers in these fields for many years.

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