This week, we plan to complete our overview of the DMS-E series of dynamic measurement products, and transition to the DMS-S series. So, we will be comparing the DMS-EGP01 GPS enabled inertial measurement sensor to our DMS-SGP01.

The DMS-EGP01 combines the triaxial angular rate and acceleration data of our DMS-E604 with a single GPS antenna, which provides an integrated velocity input. This velocity input greatly enhances the unit’s performance during highly dynamic maneuvers. The integrated GPS antenna also provides velocity and track heading outputs.

The DMS-SGP01 is a smaller version of the DMS-EGP01, and also offers triaxial rate and acceleration data, and has a built-in single GPS antenna. Both are primarily used for automotive testing, vehicle dynamics, and marine applications. Both operate on the same basic principles. The difference between the DMS-E and DMS-S product lines are the size, price and quality of gyros that they use. Because of this, the DMS-E series is larger in size, but offers better dynamic accuracy and less noise. Use the links to view the product specifications for the DMS-EGP01 and DMS-SGP01.