Inertial MeasurementLast week we talked about the many different inertial measurement systems that Watson Industries manufactures. Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting each of these systems individually. This week’s feature is the DMS-EGP01.

Watson Industries DMS-EGP01 offers a single antenna GPS which was initially designed to be used in the testing of drive and handling characteristics of vehicles. Applications include skid pad and crash testing.

The DMS-EGP01 operates in two heading modes. The first mode uses the GPS module to calculate gyro stabilized track heading. When a GPS signal is not available, the second mode will output relative heading.

This unit also has two velocity input modes. The first uses the GPS module’s ground velocity to enhance the sensor’s performance during highly dynamic maneuvers such as sharp turns. The second mode is an analog velocity input for when a GPS signal is not available.

During normal operation, the DMS outputs highly accurate inertial data. Data can be transmitted using several different methods including use of the RS-232 serial output. This output includes decimal and binary formats.