November Newsletter

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November is a special time of the year that we give thanks. Watson Industries would like to give thanks to our wonderful production staff. The technical, assembly and inspection personnel ensure that our products are manufactured using the highest quality standards. Take a few minutes to contact our Engineering staff at 715-839-0628 to discuss your requirements. We can design a sensor to meet your specific application needs.

Tip of the Month

Frequently Asked Questions – Do you have a question about the operation of one of our sensors? Watson Industries website has a listing of our most frequently asked questions from our customers. Check out the list here. You can also call and talk to one our experienced customer service personnel at +1-715-839-0628.

Featured Product

Good news! During the month of November, we are offering a 10% discount on purchases of our Fluxgate Magnetometer products. Email or call us today and mention this offer to take advantage of the reduced price!

Fluxgate Magnetometer

The same high precision magnetometer that is an exceptional magnetic heading reference sensor for our AHRS units is also available as a stand-alone analog magnetic sensor. Its high accuracy makes the Watson FGM an ideal choice for inertial navigation, geological mapping, and heading reference.

The FGM-301 is the best product for measuring DC and low frequency magnetic fields in three dimensions. This is a compact magnetic sensing device suitable for a wide variety of magnetic field measurement applications. Being an analog sensor, the FGM-301 provides high resolution and low signal delay. This product is far more stable and linear than magneto-resistive and magneto-inductive magnetometers.

Watson Industries has been developing state-of-the-art fluxgate magnetometers for almost thirty years to provide the FGM-301. As a result, this magnetometer is relied on for precision measurements in very critical projects around the world, including near the north and south poles.

FGM-301 Features:

  • High Accuracy, Reliability and Resolution
  • X, Y and Z Analog Outputs
  • Low Noise and Power
  • Small Size and Weight
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Engineering Support

Feel free to call with any application needs or questions. We look forward to working together to help design and manufacture a sensor that meets your specifications.


The FGM-301 is useful for land, sea, and aerospace applications. Some of the many applications for this sensor include:

  • Land
    • Solar Storm Detection
    • Magnetic Field Measurement
    • Magnetic Mass Sense
    • Geological Mapping
    • Heading Reference
  • Ocean
    • Magnetic Field Measurement
    • Heading Reference
  • Aerospace
    • Compass Systems
    • Heading Reference

Here are two applications for our FGM-301 sensors. Our website provides suggested sensors for more of our aerospace, land and ocean applications.

Target Drone Compass System

Target drones require a navigation system that will provide accurate heading information to the remote pilot. A low cost, accurate and reusable magnetometer solution is needed to supply data to the digital compass system that supplements the other attitude sensors in the aircraft.

Any electronic sensor package used in a target drone needs to be small in size because space in the airframe is at a premium. The device also needs to be lightweight since drones are not designed to carry much excess payload. Low power consumption is an ideal characteristic for an airborne electronic device as well.Watson Industries developed the FGM-301/99 to meet the MIS40175 U.S. Army Missile Command specifications. It provides an accurate triaxial magnetometer output while maintaining its low price.


Solar Storm Detection

Solar storms generate magnetic field fluctuations that can be detected and measured given a high quality magnetic sensor. A magnetometer used for this application must be sensitive and stable enough to measure the variation of the magnetic fields as well as having a wide range so that spikes in the data won’t saturate the sensor.

Watson Industries manufactures a fluxgate magnetometer that is well suited for this application. The FGM-301 provides all three axes of magnetic field data as analog voltages. These signals can be input to a data acquisition system to provide digital magnetic readings.


Our FGM-301 sensors are ideal for these applications and many others. They have provided accurate data and reliable performance for customers in these fields for many years.

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