Inertial Measurement

Inertial Measurement Sensors are used in a wide variety of applications. These inertial sensors feature angular rate sensors and accelerometers to provide attitude. While some models vary, most of our inertial sensors have a set of gyros and accelerometers for sensing all three axis of motion. Many can also provide leveled acceleration signals. Since we have several different lines of gyros, there are options available when comparing performance against price. Additionally, some models also include GPS which can provide velocity and heading to the long list of output data signals that are available.

Inertial Measurement Models

Sensor Model Gyro Bank Elevation Accel Heading GPS
DMS-S605 S Yes Yes Yes No No
DMS-SGP01 S Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes
DMS-SGP02 S Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DMS-E604 E Yes Yes Yes No No
DMS-EGP01 E Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes
DMS-EGP02 E Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
TMS-E232 E Yes Yes Yes† No No

* Heading only accurate while in forward motion

† Lateral acceleration only

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