Stabilized Mount

These Watson systems are used to stabilize payloads on two axis (typically pan and tilt). Inside the durable housing, our stabilized systems include two gyros and a 3 axis accelerometer. Some systems are automated and designed to hold the payload in a particular orientation while others use a joystick controller to allow the operator to position the platform.

Which Stabilized System Do I Need?

SMS-P233 Stabilized Mount:

The Watson Stabilized Mount SMS-P233 has two stabilized axes. This system is intended to keep a payload level, so it is mounted such that it stabilizes against roll and tilt (also called bank and elevation). The SMS is designed so that once it is set up, it will constantly adjust itself to keep level automatically, with no operator input required.

SPS-P230 Stabilized Platform:

The Watson Stabilized Platform SPS-P230 has two stabilized axes. The system can be adjusted at the factory so that it can be mounted in different orientations, but typically the SPS stabilizes pan and tilt. The system is connected to a joystick controller that allows an operator to move the device to whatever orientation is required. The stable platform is intended to stabilize the payload all the time while it is moved and repositioned by joystick commands.

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