Gyro-Stabilized Platform SPS-P230

The SPS-P230 stabilizes its payload on two axis (typically pan and tilt). Inside the durable housing, the stable mount includes two gyros and a 3 axis accelerometer. A joystick controller allows the operator to position the platform.


  • 50 Kg Payload
  • High Stability
  • High Reliability
  • Low Cost
  • Low Noise
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Engineering Support

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Watson Industries has many years of experience developing sensor packages for stabilized camera platforms. Now we have taken the next step and are offering a complete system.

Our gyro-stabilized platform is built around a rugged pan and tilt mechanism. This is a high resolution digital system uses the best wide bandwidth, low noise, solid-state gyros. Watson’s proprietary rate closure, zero error algorithms take commands from a remote joystick controller and drive a digital servo controller on the mount. The whole system is user configurable to adapt to a wide range of payloads and requirements.

Watson Industries also provides custom systems for special requirements. Our system design is modular and configurable for economical and quick adaptation to a wide variety of hardware configurations. Of course Watson Industries’ excellent product support and applications engineering goes along with every product.

Uses for this platform include Mobile CCTV, video and film camera stabilization, antenna stabilization, range finders, stabilized lighting, aerial photo survey and coastal surveillance. These applications are for air, sea, and ground use.