Aerospace Applications

Airborne Spectral Ground Survey



Surveys of ground locations using spectral analysis are used to analyze agricultural conditions. Analysis of the survey data provides information on the amounts of insecticide, herbicide, fertilizer, and irrigation necessary for the area. This allows these resources to be used more efficiently creating a higher yield at a lower cost.

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Flight Test Instrumentation

Flight Testing

Aircraft flight testing is a part of the design evaluation and validation process for new and modified airframes. Many kinds of data, from the attitude of the aircraft to measurements of structural torsion and flight control flutter are necessary for an accurate and complete evaluation of an aircraft design.

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Other Applications

  • Space Instrumentation
  • Missile Testing
  • Sounding Rocket
  • High Altitude Balloon

Avation: Piloting Display


There is a trend in experimental aircraft instrumentation towards electronic flight information displays due to their versatility and ability to clearly provide more information in a small space. An attitude indicator of this type needs an electronic signal from a solid-state attitude and heading gyro.

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Avation: Aerobatic Piloting Display


Gyros in aerobatic aircraft experience one of the most mechanically demanding environments. A gyro used for this application must be capable of maintaining accuracy through high G maneuvers and sustained motions.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Flight Control & Display


Piloting an aerial vehicle remotely is a challenging task. There is no pilot in the craft to monitor its position with respect to the ground. Controlling the cost of the vehicle is important, but the cost of a losing an UAV due to inadequate sensors is much higher.

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Other Applications

  • Target Drone: Primary Gyro System
  • UAVs: Research
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Yaw Damper
  • Backup Attitude Instrument

Target Drone: Compass System


Target drones require a navigation system that will provide accurate heading information to the remote pilot. A low cost, accurate and reusable magnetometer solution is needed to supply data to the digital compass system that supplements the other attitude sensors in the aircraft.

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Other Applications

  • Heading Reference
  • UAVs: Heading Reference