Land Applications

Skid Pad Testing


Skid pad testing is an important part of a new vehicle design. This type of testing allows engineers to determine a vehicle’s response to skids. Valuable information on tire characteristics, camber, traction, and vehicle handling can all be determined through skid testing. This testing is important to vehicle safety, because improperly evaluating and controlling these parameters could make the difference between a hard controlled turn and an out-of-control skid.

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Automotive Crash & Rollover Testing


Occupant safety in a vehicle crash is the primary reason for crash testing vehicles. Such testing is an important part of the design validation process for a new vehicle. Since this testing is so expensive, it is important to acquire detailed and highly accurate data for each test. It is also important that the sensors in the vehicle that record the event be rugged enough to provide accurate data throughout the crash. If the sensors are destroyed in a crash, the cost of testing will go up significantly.

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Railway Track Testing


Accurate and detailed data on track conditions is critical for the safety of rail passengers and employees. While there are significant technical challenges in manufacturing gyros for this environment, Watson Industries has the expertise, the technology and the proven experience to provide the best products for this application.

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Pipeline Telemetry


Routine pipeline maintenance is done by placing a solid cylindrical device, called a ‘pig’, in the pipeline. To monitor the physical profile of the pipeline, a gyroscope package is installed in a pig. As the gyro sensor travels along the pipeline, it records data indicating its orientation and motion.

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Solar Storm Detection



Solar storms generate magnetic field fluctuations that can be detected and measured given a high quality magnetic sensor. A magnetometer used for this application must be sensitive and stable enough to measure the variation of the magnetic fields as well as having a wide range so that spikes in the data won’t saturate the sensor.

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Other Applications

  • Automotive Brake Testing
  • Automotive Ride Handling
  • Indy Car Telemetry
  • Medical: Sports Medicine
  • Nuclear Plant Inspection
  • Ice Drill Orientation Instrumentation
  • Road Surface Measurement
  • Meteorological Instrumentation
  • Magnetic Field Measurement
  • Magnetic Mass Detection
  • Geological Mapping

Cable Supported Stabilized Cameras


At sporting events, getting as close to the action as possible without interfering with the athletes is the goal. Video cameras suspended by cables allow the audience to feel like they are on the field without disturbing the competitors. This application has strong commercial value since a more exciting telecast will draw a larger viewing audience.

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High Speed Train Tilt Control


The sole purpose of train tilt control is passenger comfort.

In the United States, high-speed trains must share the same tracks as all other rail services. Since the tracks were not initially designed for high speeds, especially in turns, the passenger cars of these trains are tilted while turning to alleviate the effects of centrifugal forces. A tilt sensor is required that can provide highly accurate data on the vehicle dynamics to a computer that determines the degree of corrective tilt required to assure a smooth ride.

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Other Applications

  • Camera Orientation Monitoring
  • Camera Stabilization
  • Robotics Research
  • Orientation Instrumentation
  • Tractor Control
  • Industrial Equipment Leveling
  • Military: Gunsight Stabilization
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Unmanned Vehicle Systems

Inertial Warehouse Navigation

For higher efficiency, reliability and lower costs, robotic material handling equipment are used to move shipments in large warehouses. An inertial navigation system is needed for the vehicle to negotiate its way through the building.

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Other Applications

  • Tractor Navigation Control
  • Unmanned Vehicle Systems
  • Heading Reference