TMS-E232_productWATSON INDUSTRIES train measurement systems are designed specifically with the rail industry in mind. The unit can be mounted directly to the truck underneath a rail car or locomotive. The durable enclosure that houses the TMS electronics is designed for this demanding environment.

Our standard TMS unit consists of two angular rate sensors, pendulum and a single axis accelerometer enclosed in an extremely rugged package. These systems are the ideal choice for any application measuring roll, yaw, truck hunting or track irregularities.

The gyros used are isolated from vibration internally and the sensor inputs are processed by an onboard microprocessor. Normal operation requires a velocity input. This is used to calculate the dynamics of the train motion to compensate the sensor outputs.

WATSON INDUSTRIES will customize these units to meet your specific needs, e.g. [Superelevation (mm) = 1500 * sin (Bank Angle)]. The 1500 is the track width in mm and can be changed. The superelevation analog output is +/-10 VDC for +/-257.5 mm. The bank angle full scale is +/-20 deg. The Analog Velocity input is scaled to 0 to 10 VDC for 0 to 200 kph. Customizing this unit also includes a digital input for direction. Another option is using a pulse encoder input for velocity.

Watson products offer precision and reliability, low noise and cost and are backed by our standard warranty. Our engineering department can assist you with any customization needed. Give us a call or email us today.