Last week we introduced the SPS-P230. This pan and tilt stabilized platform is unlike our previous stabilized systems because it includes an integrated user control interface. This makes the SPS-P230 a complete system, requiring no further development. Typical applications requiring this type of stabilization system include vehicle-mounted camera and antenna systems.

The Joystick Controller has a joystick, four buttons, four led indicator lights and three connectors. The joystick controls the positioning of the SPS-P230 payload. The joystick itself is used to pan and tilt the payload. The indicator lights and buttons that are used to inform the operator or to control the operation of the SPS-P230 in various ways.

The system allows the user to easily program a “home” position that the system will align to at the press of a button. The user can choose between two stability modes; position and inertial mode. Position mode stabilizes the load relative to its mount, while inertial mode stabilizes the load relative to its true facing.


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