Custom Product Modifications

Shown below is a listing of some of the custom modifications that we have performed. If you have an application that doesn’t fit with any of our standard gyro products, we are more than willing to discuss your application with you to see if we can build a customized gyro sensor to meet your needs.

Custom Specifications

For certain applications, customers require specifications that are different from our standard units. Watson Industries engineering is willing and able to accommodate these needs.

Custom Packages

We have redesigned our gyro sensor packages to many different customer-specified form factors. Several of our inertial reference products have been custom-designed to fit into pressure vessels.

External GPS Reference

We have built custom units that utilize GPS data as a reference. Some of our standard units are GPS Aided for heading reference data.

Input Voltage

Many different input voltages can be accommodated.

Sensor Ranges

The ranges for most of our gyro based sensors can be expanded or reduced to meet your requirements. Some of our gyros can have ranges of up to ±475° /sec.

Output Format

We can customize your Watson sensor to use a variety of communications protocols such as: RS-422, USB, or Synchro. We have also built many gyro products with custom formatted data outputs.

Digital Velocity Input

Watson can support digital velocity inputs in many formats such as GPS and Airspeed Indicators.