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    International Shipments

    If your product will be returned from outside the USA, your sensor will have to go through customs. If certain information is not included on the commercial invoice, large custom duties can be assessed on a simple repair or calibration. Take a moment to look at the information regarding international shipments included below before returning the product.

    • Include a commercial invoice that contains a description of the instruments and a value of the sensors for customs purposes only.
    • Include the following statement:”U.S. goods returned for repair/calibration. Country of origin: USA. HTS Repair Code: 9801.00.1012.” If this statement is not included on the invoice, it is likely that U.S. customs will assess duties on the shipment. Any duties assessed will be passsed on to the customer/shipper.
    • Select a carrier that performs US customs brokerage. Carriers that do not perform US customs brokerage will be notified by Watson Industries, Inc. to use UPS, and there will be an additional customs fee applied to the calibration/repair.