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Calibration Software

Static Heading Calibration

The software package allows heading calibration for Watson gyro sensors that provide a heading output. The program calibrates the heading of magnetometer-equipped Watson sensors by taking four readings. The sensor must be able to point the installation platform to the specified headings and hold a steady position to take accurate data.

Click the button below to download Heading Calibration – Static V2.0.

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Note For All Watson Software

The software that is available for download from this website is written for English versions of the Windows OS. We have worked to make sure foreign language versions of Windows can use all the features of the software; However, users running Windows with a language other than English may experience problems, or the software may generate errors. Switching the default language to English (USA) should solve these issues.

Communication Software

Watson Terminal

The Watson Terminal software is a simple way to view the data output from a Watson sensor with digital outputs. It allows access to the communications ports on a Windows PC. The user can open and close the ports, change the baud rate, and log any data received on the port to a text file.

If you have any questions about how this software operates, look at our Watson Terminal FAQ. You can also call us or send us an email. Click the button below to download Watson Terminal V1.0.

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This free app is the best one we have found for communicating wirelessly via Bluetooth on Android devices.

Watson Industries is not responsible in any way for this software. Please share any problems you might have with this app with the designers. A link to the download on the Google App Store is below for your convenience.

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Watson Industries has developed a number of software packages for use with our gyro products. They are provided free of charge and without warranty of any kind. Custom software packages can be created for a very low cost. Email us or give us a call. All software Copyright © Watson Industries, Inc., All rights reserved.