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April Newsletter

Spring is finally here!!! You know the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers”. We can start to enjoy the warmer weather and anticipate the new growing season. Watson Industries is also growing. We are adding a new vertical reference sensor to our product line. Read more about this new sensor in the “What’s New” section of this newsletter.

Tip of the Month

Most Watson Industries gyro products listed on our website are presented with their accompanying manuals and specification sheets. This link will take you right there.


Our website provides suggested sensors for a few of our aerospace, land and ocean applications.

Marine Communication Satellite Tracking Antenna Stabilization – A ship rolling and pitching in the sea proves to be a difficult dynamic environment. Satellite antennas in such applications require gyro stabilization in order to accurately receive or transmit data. These antennas can only accommodate a small amount of pointing error before being rendered unable to communicate with the satellite.

In the past, many types of gyros have been used for this application, with varying degrees of success: e.g. dynamically tuned gyros are very stable, but have reliability problems; fiber optic gyros have been used, but stability in the environment is an issue.

Watson Industries manufactures reliable triaxial gyros for use in stabilization systems and that provide accurate performance while operating for extended times in an extreme environment. The ARS-E322-1A/80 provides accurate triaxial rate data as an analog voltage and a digital RS-232 signal.

Do you have unanswered questions or are you unsure of what sensor would work best for your application? You can contact our company at support@watson-gyro.com or call 715-839-0628 to speak with personnel with over 20 years of business experience in gyro system design and manufacturing.

What’s New!


(All of our products can be customized to meet your specific application needs.)

We created a handy quick-reference guide for our customers to use when choosing a Watson sensor. You can use this link to download a .pdf.

Coming Soon

ADS with dims


ADS-C232-3AD – For applications where space is an issue, the compact size combined with analog and digital outputs will make this sensor a more versatile and cost effective replacement for the ADS or VRS sensors. Call now for a quote (715-839-0628) or request a quote from our website.


Featured Product


The Inertial Measurement System DMS-SGP02 is equipped with our S series MEMS rate gyro and a dual antenna GPS system to provide a GPS heading reference signal even when the unit is stationary.

It may be used in almost any application where triaxial angular rate and acceleration data is required. This inertial sensor provides both angular rate and acceleration outputs in analog and digital formats. The DMS features six accelerometer outputs. The X, Y, and Z axis outputs represent the accelerations in the plane of the vehicle body, while the second set of three outputs measure the acceleration aligned with an earth-level coordinate system. This allows forward and lateral acceleration measurements that are essentially free of gravity influences. The triaxial sensor set allows software alignment of sensors, greatly reducing any alignment errors. The serial interface is highly configurable and provides access to almost all operational parameters.

The DMS-SGP02 is designed for vehicle applications where accurate heading is required, but a magnetic compass is infeasible. The addition of the GPS antennas gives vehicle velocity data to the DMS that enhances the unit’s performance during highly dynamic maneuvers such as sharp turns. This makes the DMS-SGP02 inertial gyro sensor a more complete system since it does not require velocity information to be supplied from an external sensor.

DMS-SGP02 features:

  • GPS Heading Reference
  • Latitude, Longitude, & Altitude Outputs
  • Rugged, High Reliability
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Analog and RS-232 Serial Outputs
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Some of the many applications for this sensor include:

  • Camera Stabilization
  • UAV Control/Display
  • Compass Systems
  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Skid Pad Testing
  • Satellite Tracking Antenna
  • Surface Navigation
  • Barge Instrumentation
  • Automotive Testing

Feel free to call with any application needs or questions. We look forward to working together to help design and manufacture a sensor that meets your specifications.

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