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Watson Industries designs, develops and manufactures precision
instrumentation products for the transportation, telecommunications, oceanographic, scientific research, aerospace as well as many
defense commercial industries.

February Newsletter

Welcome to February! Happy Valentines and Presidents Day. We would love to design a solid-state gyro package that meets your
specific application.

Watson Industries takes pride in maintaining and acquiring organizational knowledge. Our founder William Watson ensured that
this knowledge was obtained and shared throughout all levels of the organization.

Tom Pic

Meet our Sr. Engineering Manager – Tom Henke has been acting as the design and product engineer at Watson Industries for 20+ years.
He has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering that strengthens Watson Industries efforts in the design and manufacture of solid-state
gyro sensors. Current and potential customers can contact Tom (henket@watson-gyro.com)
to help determine necessary requirements in the development for all of your anticipated projects. We are working on new products and
solutions to help solve existing inertial questions and problems for engineers, scientists and researchers all over the globe. See our
website for some of our custom design options.

Need help with engineering a stabilization solution? We are here to help. Give us a call (715-839-0628) and our knowledgeable
engineering team will gladly assist in solving you problem.

What’s New!

Watson Industries completed another successful AS9100 Quality Audit. This ensures that we produce only the highest quality products
and services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations for performance and delivery.

Want to go wireless? Watson Industries is now offering a Serial to Bluetooth Module (SBM) that can be used with any of
our DMS, GCM, SHR or VRS sensors. The Module acts as a wireless serial connection utilizing serial port protocol (SPP). The Bluetooth
network can be paired to any Android device or Bluetooth-enabled PC via a virtual COM port. It’s often as simple as plug, power, and
connect. Check out our website to watch the tutorial video.

Our website (www.watson-gyro.com) updates:

  • Video tutorials – A video is worth a thousand words. Not quite understanding the manual?
    Our YouTube channel offers how-to videos to help get started with your sensor. Not finding the video you need?
    Email us and we will be happy to help.

Do you have unanswered questions or are you unsure of what sensor would work best for your application? You can contact our company
at support@watson-gyro.com or call 715-839-0628 to speak with personnel with over 20 years
of business experience in gyro system design and manufacturing.

Coming Soon

ADS-C232-3A Update – The new vertical reference sensor is in the testing stage. Initial testing has been going well and we expect
the new sensor to be ready for purchase soon. The new design is much smaller and lighter (approximately 2.8″L x 1.2″W x 1.2″H) and more
durable than the current designs. The sensor will include analog and digital outputs for attitude and angular rate. The smaller size
and additional outputs makes this sensor a more versatile and cost effective replacement for the ADS or VRS sensors. Call now for a quote
or request a quote from our website.

Featured Products


The GCM-360 is a unique product for defining
the magnetic field of the earth. The sensor outputs heading data even when the sensor is not in motion. It includes a dual antenna GPS
system, a high accuracy triaxial fluxgate magnetometer and triaxial accelerometer that provide multiple outputs via the RS-232 serial

GCM-360 features:

  • Solid State, Strap Down System
  • GPS Heading Reference
  • Rugged, High Reliability
  • Vibration Resistant
  • PC Heading Calibration
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Engineering Support

GCM-360 Outputs:

  • GPS True North Heading
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Magnetic Heading Angle
  • X, Y, and Z Axis Magnetic Fields
  • X, Y, and Z Axis Accelerometers
  • Bank and Elevation Angles

Some of the many applications for this sensor include:

  • Geological Survey
  • Hidden Object Detection
  • Monitoring and Mapping the Earth’s Magnetic Field
  • Solar Storm Monitoring

Feel free to call with any needs or questions. We look forward to working together to help design and manufacture a sensor that meets your specifications.

Solid-State Gyros for all of your application needs.

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