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June Newsletter

May was a very exciting and busy month for Watson Industries. We released our new Vertical Reference product (ADS-C232-3AD) and also displayed our Dynamic Measurement Sensor (DMS-SGP02) and Stabilized Platform System (SPS-P230) at the Xponential AUVSI Expo in Dallas, TX. We had a remarkable response to all of the sensors we displayed at the show.

We want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth. It was great meeting new people and catching up with customers and vendors.

Tip of the Month

As part of our outstanding support and service, Watson Industries offers several downloadable software applications on our website. These software programs are FREE and will help you get your product up and running in a timely fashion.

Featured Product

Good news! During the month of June, we are offering a 10% discount on purchases of the DMS-S605.
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The DMS-S605 Inertial Measurement System provides bank and elevation attitude output along with leveled accelerometer outputs in a small hard-mountable housing. Originally developed to meet the needs of automotive testing professionals, the Dynamic Measurement System (DMS) was designed for instrumenting the drive and handling characteristics of vehicles. The DMS may be used in almost any application where triaxial angular rate and acceleration data is required and provides both angular rate and acceleration outputs in analog and digital formats.

The DMS features six accelerometer outputs. The X, Y, and Z axis outputs represent the accelerations in the plane of the vehicle body, while the second set of three outputs measure the acceleration aligned with an earth-level coordinate system. This allows forward and lateral acceleration measurements that are essentially free of gravity influences. The triaxial sensor set allows software alignment of sensors, greatly reducing any alignment errors. The serial interface is highly configurable and provides access to almost all operational parameters.

The DMS-S605 is a miniaturized version of the DMS-E604. This sensor uses MEMS gyros to make the instruments smaller and more economical. The E-series line of sensors uses our larger gyros for enhanced accuracy and signal stability.

The DMS uses an input of forward velocity to compensate the long term references, allowing the error correction system to work continuously. Other companies manufacture sensor packages that turn off their corrections during high dynamic conditions causing a drift in accuracy over time. The DMS-S605 is much more useable in highly dynamic conditions, and has been designed to provide the best possible combination of reliable data and low cost.

DMS-S605 features:

  • Solid State, Strapdown System
  • Six Accelerometer Outputs
  • Three Angular Rate Sensor Outputs
  • Bank and Elevation Outputs
  • Forward Velocity Input
  • Continuous Error Correction System
  • Precision Alignment
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Small Size
  • Low Power
  • Rugged, High Reliability
  • Analog and RS-232 Serial Outputs
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Engineering Support

Some of the many applications for this sensor include:

  • Land
    • Rail Track Testing
    • Skid Pad Testing
    • Brake Testing
    • Warehouse Navigation
    • Pipeline Telemetry
    • Ride Handling
  • Ocean
    • Model Basin
    • Yacht Stabilization
    • Barge Instrumentation
    • Antenna Stabilization

Feel free to call with any application needs or questions. We look forward to working together to help design and manufacture a sensor that meets your specifications.


Here are two applications for our dynamic measurement sensors. Our website provides suggested sensors for more of our aerospace, land and ocean applications.

Pipeline Telemetry

Routine pipeline maintenance is done by placing a solid cylindrical device, called a “pig”, in the pipeline. To monitor the physical profile of the pipeline, a gyroscope package is installed. As the gyro sensor travels along the pipeline, it records data indicating its orientation and motion. When the pig exits the pipeline, the data is compared to a previous profile to look for significant differences that could indicate a problem with the pipeline.Watson Industries produces a gyro sensor that is well suited to this application. The Dynamic Measurement System (DMS) outputs data on the inertial position of the pipeline pig including relative heading.


Inertial Warehouse Navigation

For higher efficiency, reliability and lower costs, robotic material handling equipment are used to move shipments in large warehouses. An inertial navigation system is needed for the vehicle to negotiate its way through the building. The gyros in this inertial navigation system must be extremely stable because the warehouse environment does not support the use of a magnetic or GPS heading reference.


Our Dynamic Measurement System (DMS) sensors are ideal for these applications and many others. They have provided accurate data and reliable performance for customers in these fields for many years.

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You can request a quote on our website at the following link or call us with any application needs or questions. We look forward to working together to help design and manufacture a sensor that meets your specifications.

Customer Service

Do you have unanswered questions or are you unsure of what sensor would work best for your application? You can contact our company at support@watson-gyro.com or call 715-839-0628 to speak with personnel with over 20 years of business experience in gyro system design and manufacturing.

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