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March Newsletter

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Daylight Saving Time begins, promising our first glimpse of Spring. In Wisconsin this means high
temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s.


Our website provides suggested sensors for a few of our aerospace, land and ocean applications.

Vehicle Crash and Rollover Testing is one of the many applications where our sensors are used. Occupant safety in a vehicle crash is the primary reason for crash testing vehicles. Such testing is an important part of the design validation process for a new vehicle. Since this testing is so expensive, it is important to acquire detailed and highly accurate data for each test. It is also important that the sensors in the vehicle that record the event be rugged enough to provide accurate data throughout the crash. If the sensors are destroyed in a crash, the cost of testing will go up significantly.

Do you have unanswered questions or are you unsure of what sensor would work best for your application? You can contact our company at support@watson-gyro.com or call 715-839-0628 to speak with personnel with over 20 years of business experience in gyro system design and manufacturing.

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Coming Soon

ADS-C232-3A Update – The new vertical reference sensor is in the test stage. Testing has been going very well and the sensor will be ready for purchase in the near future. The new design is much smaller and lighter (approximately 2.8″L x 1.2″W x 1.4″H) and more durable than the current designs. The sensor will include analog and digital outputs for attitude and angular rate. The smaller size and additional outputs makes this sensor a more versatile and cost effective replacement for the ADS or VRS sensors. Call now for a quote or request a quote from our website.

Featured Product


The Pro Gyro® is designed for accuracy.

Watson Industries has been designing and manufacturing solid-state gyros since 1980. Based on proven technology, the Pro Gyro® is manufactured with new features including built-in test and enhanced EMI/RFI protection.

The Pro Gyro® has excellent performance for stability, acceleration insensitivity, low mounting sensitivity and high vibration rejection. This is achieved by having a sensing element that is finely tuned and temperature compensated. The advanced tuning methods allow better relative tolerances and better signal-to-noise performance. Custom internal mounting stabilizes the gyro-sensing element in a stable alignment while rejecting linear vibration.

Pro Gyro® features:

  • Accurate in severe environments
  • Excellent performance (time, temperature, vibration)
  • Rugged
  • Wide Bandwidth
  • Low Drift
  • Low Noise
  • CE Certified
  • High Reliability
  • Two-Year Warranty


Some of the many applications for this sensor include:

  • Aircraft Flight Instrumentation and Control
  • Platform Stabilization (Antenna, Camera, etc.)
  • Robotics
  • Short-Term Navigation
  • Vehicle Test Instrumentation
  • Train Tilt Controls

Feel free to call with any needs or questions. We look forward to working together to help design and manufacture a sensor that meets your specifications.

Solid-State Gyros for all of your application needs.

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