Vehicle Crash & Rollover Testing

Vehicle crash testing

Occupant safety in a vehicle crash is the primary reason for crash testing vehicles. Such testing is an important part of the design validation process for a new vehicle. Since this testing is so expensive, it is important to acquire detailed and highly accurate data for each test. It is also important that the sensors in the vehicle that record the event be rugged enough to provide accurate data throughout the crash. If the sensors are destroyed in a crash, the cost of testing will go up significantly.

When a vehicle is crash or rollover tested, data must be acquired in all axes of motion in order to reconstruct the most accurate picture of the test. This means that a triaxial angular rate sensor is required. Watson Industries produces the ARS-E332-3A, which is ideal for the vehicle testing industry. Its three gyros provide triaxial rate outputs and it is durable enough to survive the shocks involved in crash and rollover testing.

Watson Experience

Watson Industries has been producing Angular Rate Sensors (ARS) for this market since 1997.

Applicable Products

Technical Challenges

The difficulties with providing a gyro sensor for this application are related to the high shock environment. For vehicle crash and rollover testing, accuracy and uninterrupted operation through high shocks is needed along with a durable design to promote survivability.

The Watson ARS-E332-3A contains our most rugged gyros to meet the shock and survival needs of this demanding application.


  • Rates: ±500° /sec all axes. Custom ranges are available to suit your needs.
  • Bandwidth: 80Hz
  • Shock: 500 G
  • Axis Alignment: Less than ±1° of each other
  • Repairable / Serviceable construction

Typical Options

We are able to accommodate your custom needs. Go to our custom product modifications page for a listing of the most common custom options we support.

Custom options for this application:

  • A triaxial accelerometer sensor can be added if required. The DMS unit has accelerometers standard.