Watson Terminal

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q:What is Watson Terminal?
A:Watson Terminal is intended to serve as a substitute for the HyperTerminal software that was formerly included as part of the Windows OS. Watson Terminal is a simple text-based viewer for any data received over a serial comm port.
2.Q:I changed the baud rate on the Terminal. Why doesn’t the terminal communicate to the Watson unit any more?
A:Changing the baud rate on the Watson Terminal software doesn’t change the baud rate that the Watson unit is using to communicate. Both baud rates must be changed for the new baud rate to work properly. So, find a compatible baud rate by changing the Terminal, then choose a new baud rate for the Watson unit by using keyboard commands through the Terminal (see the User’s Manual for your particular sensor). Lastly, change the baud rate of the Watson Terminal to match the rate chosen for the Watson unit.
3:Q:I have installed a USB-serial converter so that my computer has a serial port. Why doesn’t it work with Watson Terminal?
A:First, make sure that the USB-serial converter is installed and has all the necessary drivers. Sometimes windows doesn’t have the proper drivers by default. If you are still having trouble, it is possible that the comm port assigned to your converter cannot be accessed by Watson Terminal. Only port numbers 1 to 16 are available to the software. You can see and re-assign port numbers using the Windows Device Manager.
4.Q:What does the ‘Command Access’ button do?
A:Pressing this button is one way to enable keyboard command access to a Watson unit. Make sure you are connected to the proper comm port and that the port is open, then press the button. You will need to cycle power to the unit (or turn it on if it is currently off), and the software will do the rest. After data is flowing from the unit again, you should have keyboard command access to the Watson unit. For a list of valid keyboard commands and more information on keyboard command access, see the User’s Manual for your particular unit.
5.Q:The Watson Terminal says there are no valid comm ports. How do I fix that?
A:Make sure you have a serial (RS-232) port. To save space, many computers, especially laptops, do not include a serial port. A USB to serial converter can be used. They are readily available and quite inexpensive.
6.Q:I have a valid serial port, but sometimes the Watson Terminal still says I have no valid comm ports. What is happening?
A:There may be another program accessing the comm port. Make sure any such programs (e.g. HyperTerminal or a fax receiving program) are closed. Also, Windows does not flag comm ports as unused instantly. Sometimes, if there is another program accessing comm ports and it is closed right before Watson Terminal is opened, the ports may still be flagged as unavailable.