Aviation: Piloting Display

Experimental aircraft

Aircraft flight testing is a part of the design evaluation and validation process for new and modified airframes. Many kinds of data, from the attitude of the aircraft to measurements of structural torsion and flight control flutter are necessary for an accurate and complete evaluation of an aircraft design. Incomplete or inaccurate test data can be costly and can affect pilot safety.

Rate gyros are the primary component for flight testing instrumentation, and Watson Industries’ line of vibrating structure gyros is the best choice. For testing applications that require many data sources, Watson Industries offers larger sensor packages that include our gyros with accelerometers.

Watson Experience

Watson Industries has been manufacturing gyros for this application since 1982.

Applicable Products

Technical Challenges

The size, weight and power consumption of flight testing instrumentation a very important part of being successful in this application. Watson Industries always strives to keep our sensor packages as small and light as possible while maintaining the high accuracy our customers expect. Our sensors have very low power draw as well.


The requirements for this application vary widely based on the type of airframe testing that is to be performed. Single axis gyros to full attitude gyro systems may be necessary depending on the testing involved.

Typical Options

We are able to accommodate your custom needs. Go to our custom product modifications page for a listing of the most common custom options we support.