Angular Rate Gyro ARS-P342-3A (Triaxial)

This sensor is equipped with ProGyro® rate gyros for all three axes of rotation. This makes the ARS-P342-3A ideal for many testing and instrumentation applications.


  • Accurate in severe environments
  • Excellent performance
  • Rugged
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Low drift
  • Low noise
  • High reliability
  • Two-year warranty

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ARS-P342-3A is made for performance. This gyro has excellent stability, low bias, high scale factor accuracy and ease of use.

Watson Industries has been designing and manufacturing solid-state gyros since 1980. Based on proven technology, this gyro is built under ISO 9001:2015 quality standards with new features including built in-test and enhanced EMI/RFI protection.

The ARS-P342-3A has excellent performance for acceleration insensitivity, low mounting sensitivity and vibration rejection. This is achieved by having a sensing element that is finely tuned and temperature compensated. The advanced tuning methods allow better relative tolerances and better signal to noise performance. Special internal mounting holds the gyro sensing element in a stable alignment while rejecting linear vibration.

Upgrades that are standard for ARS-P342-3A include available rate ranges up to 475┬░/second, internal power regulation for power input between 8 volts and 45 volts, and a case mounted connector.